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Annoying CNN Reporter: Congressman Leindecker, did you send lewd pictures to that 22 y.o. college student?

Me: Ok for one, what do you mean by lewd? If you mean pictures of my cock and ass then yes I did.

Annoying CNN Reporter: Why did you send those pictures?

Me: Because my boyfriend told me to. In fact we invited said 22 y.o. college student over for a three way. Now he's our third.

Of course this might be why there will never be a Congressman Leindecker.

Whatever, straight people are too uptight.


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(Deleted comment)
Jun. 9th, 2011 01:48 pm (UTC)
You know what my answer would had been if I was a congressman?
"Yeah I send them and what's the problem? Maybe if I stole $2 billion dollars, start two wars, knowing where Bin Laden was for a decade and let him get away with murder, shooting that lawyer in the face saying it was an accident(yeah right), ignoring the cries of help from the Hurricane Katrina victims for five days, not creating a job for the past decade and help let the banks get away with the biggest heist in history you, the rest of the mainstream media & the rest of my colleagues wouldn't blink right? You got a lot of nerve to ask me that question but I'm not surprised. On the other hand, the way these bitches Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid turned my back on me speaks volumes. I'm ending this interview, not because I'm offended by your dumb question but I just found where the soon to be late Andrew Britebart is staying and I need to have a word with him. My next interview will be held in state prison."
Yeah that's the way I would had handle it the situation.
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