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Thoughts while coming into work today

- There's just something about Fall. Even after Halloween till
Thanksgiving. The few real nice days you get really exemplify the glory
that is Fall. The smells take be back in time. Like most of us my sense
of smell is so hard wired to my memories. A sniff of something can
completely change my mood or state of mind.

- People can claim whatever they want about city drivers but to me one
thing sticks out when describing the differences between city and
suburban drivers; respect for buses and bus drivers. Suburban drivers
really don't care and can be outright hostile toward Pace buses. As bad
as city drivers are they respect the CTA and will let the buses into
traffic when they need to merge. No so in the suburbs, they're speed
around them, honk at them, just be outright rude to them.

- I have a total love/hate relationship with bicycle riders. While I
respect their choice to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and
exercise I can't stand their attitude and the way they ride. Yes this is
a generalization. But cyclist that show me respect get my respect.
Cyclist who don't seem to realize that when they are on their bikes they
are considered vehicles so traffic signs and lights apply to them
receive no respect. Seriously, they do all the time but they need to
stop riding them the wrong way on one way roads. They also need to
realize stop means stop so the fat guy who arrived at the intersection
well before you did does have the right of way. Giving the fat guy the
evil stare does not make the fat guy feel bad. It just makes the fat guy
laugh at your sense of entitlement.


Nov. 12th, 2010 01:09 am (UTC)
I feel the same way about cyclists, pedal powered or motor powered. They both pull the same dumb sorts of stunts. I will always let someone go who is doing the right thing, signaling, etc. The ones playing create a lane or driving in the not-a-lane (the sign warned of it's ending ½ a mile back) can pound sand. A little respect for others and the rules goes a long way.