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About Adam....

Since the entries have been non-descriptive on my Facebook I'll update here since this updates to Facebook as well (and I can write a longer post).

As most know Adam orious was not feeling good at work yesterday. As soon as we got home last night we attempted to locate an open urgent care facility with no luck (the one I found CLOSED EARLY, nice). On the way home he convinced me he'll be fine till the morning.

Once we got home and he took his pants off for bed I saw his lower right leg, which was completely red with blotches of dark cherry red all over it. Really not liking the look of that I was not longer being mr.nice boyfriend, he was going to an ER whether he liked it or not.

He is at St. Francis in Evanston. I had to leave him there over night (something as noted I did not like doing). Though I was not surprised they wanted him overnight. It's probably a bad infection (possibly Cellulitis) but they are checking everything out. I have taken off today to help him out and take care of a few things.

Ug, still tired. But more concerned about him.

The not so friendly sky's

After Australia and San Francisco I think I've almost had it.

I really can't deal with flying anymore. I'm too big. It's not even the
fact I'm big. If you're fat you know what it's like to get on a plane
and see everyone staring at you, praying to god you don't have the seat
next to them. Some people are just out right hostile, some others are
not as unfriendly but there aren't enough of them to make me feel any

My only real options are to buy a second seat next to me or fly first
class, in other words things I can't afford. Frankly I'm surprised one
ones pulled a Kevin Smith on me and made me buy a second seat yet.

The only real solution I have is to fly with Adam or someone else who
would like a little extra room and split one extra seat. Those would be
fine for domestic but international? That's an expensive extra 8-9
inches. All I know now is I probably wont be making any solo flights
across country from now on.
"A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over,
their spells dissolve, and the people, recovering their true sight,
restore their government to its true principles."

Like, what?

I don't even know where to begin with this one. This is an NBC affiliate! They turning Fox News on us or something.

From MSNBC.com

"Why this cycle feels different: We've seen plenty of anger,
frustration, and high emotions in past campaigns. But the anger this
cycle -- culminating in Monday's stomping in Kentucky -- feels so much
more different. Just think back to the contentious town halls in the
summer of 2009, Joe Wilson's "You lie," and Newt Gingrich agreeing that
the best way to describe the president is as a Kenyan anti-colonialist.
More recently, we've seen the Carl Paladino phenomenon, a candidate's
security detail handcuffing a reporter, and Frank Caprio telling the
president to "shove it." And then there's all the women candidates (from
both parties) aggressively saying, "Man up." Maybe our memories are too
short, but the level of anger, disrespect, and incivility seems to be at
an all-time high right now."

When it gets turned around


I play softball for the CMSA. We are only allowed two 'straight people'
per team. I have never and will never agree with that policy.

How exactly one makes sure every team only has two 'straight' people I
am not sure. Why do we have this policy in the first place? Does the
league fear it would get over run by straight guys? I really can't see
that happening. And what if a few more straight guys joined the league?
Who cares? If anything it can be a good way for the straight guys to get
to know gay men and find out that we're all just that, men playing a
game. It could be a good lesson.

Point being we can't bitch, whine and protest every time we are
discriminated against, then turn around and do the exact same thing.

That sums it up

"Work hard, get a good education and maybe you, too, can become
successful enough to be denounced as an elitist"

What I thought of 'Let Me In'

I really wanted to forget everything I know about the original. It was hard.

This was a really good movie. I'm a little conflicted on whether I'd consider it a great movie. Honestly the more I think about it the more I think it is a great movie.

What I liked:
The child actors were great and really, better than the original. The score was incredible. Many of the visuals were also incredible. Owen (Oskar in the original) is much more conflicted and emotional than in in the original. Abby (Eli in the original) is as creepy, but also appears sadder and in the killing scenes more brutal than in the original. They connected the kids just as well too. That was the strength of 'Let the Right One In'.

Some things I did not care for:
Some of the rearrangements of the story I could have done without. The CGI Abby was a little much at times. I didn't care for how they changed Virginia's story or why Abby attacked her. And the biggest one for me is I never really cared for the ending of the first movie just because to me it didn't make a lot of sense. So I thought they might either expand upon or even change the ending but they let the ending almost the exact same.

There is a car crash scene, the camera work is absolutely amazing. Small town New Mexico was a pretty good location to film. The 80's nostalgia was pumped up and done good as well.

I kind of want to watch both movies again.

They're getting it all wrong.

You want to know what's sad? The first two stories I read about the Rutgers student who killed himself after his roommate posted an 'encounter' he had with another student did not mention the nature of the 'encounter' or the sex of the individual. They wanted to focus on internet bullying.

There will always be bullies. They've always been around and always will be. The nature of the bullying changes with technology.

The sad part is this; If they streamed video of him making out with a college freshman girl it wouldn't have been a big deal. Like I said they completely ignored the fact he was outed on video and that we still live in a society where being gay is so horrible to youth that the only way out is to end it all.

We're focusing way to much on the perpetrators. Yes what they did was tasteless and I hope they spend the rest of their lives trying to make up for what they did wrong but this should not be the focus. We spend so much time trying to make sure everyone pays for what they do wrong that we forget we need to confront the problem at its core.

Another gay youth has died because people found out they were gay. That's what the networks and the newspapers should be talking about.